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Asbestos sampling kit

At 111 CGL we don't promote the kits for the self sampling of potential asbestos materials unless the person taking the sample has a good understanding of the potential risks involved and can take and submit the sample safely. 


We'd much prefer that one of our fully insured, trained and experienced surveyors take samples of suspected asbestos materials. Not only is this our preferred option, but it may be more cost effective and where timing is of essence, it is probably going to be quicker to get a result. We have a network of people based across the UK who can be called upon with very short notice.

WARNING - Sampling suspected asbestos materials can be potentially dangerous and expensive if done wrong.


Time - From purchasing one of our kits, we have to dispatching it, this will be the same day of it purchased before 3pm. You then need to take the sample, carefully and following our fully detailed instructions, then get it to the laboratory for analysis, our kits have a tear resistant, pre-paid secure envelopes included for this, however, if you've shopped around, you will note that most asbestos sampling kit suppliers state results within 24 hours of it being received, we can get you the results to you within 24 hours* of the phone call or email. We must also add, and this is based on experience, if the sample isn't collected and packaged correctly, the lab. may refuse it, which then requires a second sample to be taken, wasting your time and your money.


On average, from buying a kit to getting the results takes between 5 to 9 days, dependent on postage although a private courier can be used to speed this up at an additional cost.

Cost -  Our kits start at £39.95 (plus VAT) for the basic, one sample kit, then increase in £20/£25.00 increments based on the number of samples and equipment required. We also provide kits that include respirators, coveralls, small spray bottle, hazardous waste bags, repair materials etc, some, if not most of which you probably wont need. Then what if you buy a kit, but realise you need more samples, and how are you also going to dispose of the waste items, you can't just throw them in the bin. 


With our attending surveyor, all of this is covered and included in the price, they will advise you on what is required. 

To give you a comparison, we charge £80 plus mileage (plus VAT) from our Leeds office to attend to take one sample. Your location determines the final/total cost

Sticking with the Yorkshire location, lets say you are in Halifax, the cost of the sample would be £107.90 (plus VAT), an all in cost of £129.48**. you get the result within 24 hours*, our surveyor will also advise you at the time of attendance what needs to be done, they will ensure the sample point is left safe and will advise what to do to keep people safe until the results are known. We will also offer advice on receipt of results so you know what needs to be done. 


We can, and often do attend 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, again, reducing any potential delay.  

All you need to do is send us your location (post code) tell us what you want sampling and we will provide you with a full, inclusive price, along with the time and date of attendance. You are under no obligation to accept. 

Is self sampling quicker? 

Is self sampling cheaper? 

Asbestos sampling kit limitations

You will also note, when purchasing one of these kits generally, and its the same for the ones we sell, there are limitations of what materials should be sampled and what will be accepted by the lab. 

Materials such as Decorative Textured Coating (Artex), adhesives, paints, mastic, putty, floor tiles, linoleum, asbestos cement etc, basically, the low risk materials are the ones that will be accepted. What of the higher risk materials such as insulation, asbestos insulation board, etc? YOU REALLY SHOULDN'T BE SAMPLING THESE.


Our surveyors have no such limitations.  

Still looking to buy a sampling kit? 

If, after reading the above, you would still like to purchase a kit, let us know. If purchased before 3pm, it will be dispatched that day.  

*On visiting the premises and taking the sample, an invoice will be produced and submitted. The results of the sample will only be released on receipt of full payment of the stated amount.


** this is the cost based on a distance of 31 miles (return journey = 62 miles @ £0.45 pm (HMRC rate)) from our office at LS15 8ZA and is for one sample. An additional cost of £20 per sample above the one stated where required and advised.  

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