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Asbestos Surveys 

1-11 Compliance Group Ltd are able to undertake an asbestos survey at any location across the UK

Asbestos management, refurbishment, and demolition surveys, or if required, a blended survey can be undertaken. 

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Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was introduced into 1000s of products. 

Its use spans decades across the UK due to its amazing properties and ease of mining. Present in every type of building from Nuclear PowerStation's to garden sheds, asbestos remains the UKs biggest cause of occupational ill health. 

Asbestos re-survey 

Asbestos re-inspection 

Once a premises has been surveyed for asbestos, there is no requirement to have it "re-surveyed", but we do receive a lot of enquiries for this. 

CAR12, Regulation 4 requires the management of asbestos. The best way to manage it, is to know where it is in or on your premises.


Where the survey is deemed adequate, in that it can be trusted as a reliable record of the asbestos in the premises, why would you want a second, same level survey.


1-11 Compliance Group Ltd offer asbestos survey re-inspections, this is what most premises Duty Holders actually require. 


The asbestos re-inspections is carried out on an agreed frequency to ensure that the asbestos in the premises is in good order and not presenting any risk.  

Contact us for further information or to discus your needs. 

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