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Asbestos - Duty to Manage training 

The Duty to Manage (DTM) Asbestos is a legal requirement and applies to ALL non-domestic premises in the UK, some may inform you that it only applies to premises built before the year 2000 but that may not always be the case. 

1-11 Compliance Group Ltd can better advise what is required to ensure your full asbestos compliance. 

We offer a free of charge, initial review to gauge where you are and what's needed. 

Once we know what, if anything is required, we offer a no obligation quote on best solution to full compliance 

There are potentially several options to managing asbestos compliance, but it depends on what you already have in place. these range from surveys, asbestos re-inspections, removal, training etc. Below we offer a breif description of what some of the options that may be required. 

Asbestos management training 

To see what courses we have scheduled, check our training calendar 

We provide asbestos management training nationally across the UK

Our training can be delivered, face-2-face at your premises, at a hired venue or at one of our locations in Yorkshire.

We also deliver the training over the internet via Zoom, Teams, etc. so if you don't fancy the drive, join us online. 

All course materials are included in our price and where we host it, lunch and refreshments are provided too.


To view our scheduled courses, check out our calendar, if the date you're looking for isn't there, contact us 

HSE Duty to manage Campaign 

Access the information from the 2024, HSE Asbestos - Duty to manage Campaign

Asbestos - Your Duty to Manage

Asbestos management options 

If there are no asbestos records available, it may be an idea to have a survey of your premises so we can see what we're dealing with. 

Where records are present, we can review what materials you have, their condition, chance of disturbance then go from there. 

Periodic inspections play a large part in managing asbestos. With our team of qualified and experienced personnel we can ensure this is scheduled and carried out without issue. 

We do not undertake the removal of asbestos ourselves however we have contacts throughout the UK who do, from toilet seats to full asbestos cement roof removals to plant rooms, we can organise a fully inclusive quote for the works and ensure it is carried out correctly, fully and in full compliance wit hall current regulations, guidance and best practice.  

If its identified that you, or your staff require training, anywhere from asbestos awareness to the more involved DTM Training, we offer full training solutions. This may be online, video delivered, or face to face. See our training pages for more information 

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