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Before ANY level of interaction with asbestos is carried out, anyone undertaking this work MUST have in place suitable training, this includes planned and emergency works 

Before engaging in any asbestos works, check the "Contents Page" of HSG210, identify the task you are t carryout and follow the relevant Task Sheet/s. 

IMPORTANT: Where the task CANNOT be identified in HSG 210, contact the safety section using on of the link buttons bellow

HSG210 searchable by task 

CAUTION: this site, including the mine workings have been inspected under a Non-Intrusive Asbestos Management Survey. 

Asbestos materials may be hidden behind non-asbestos materials, if you suspect asbestos, click one of the report buttons below. 

If you are planning to disturb the fabric of this building, please ensure you have discussed the works with Tanveer More - Safety Officer.


A more intrusive Asbestos Survey may be required in advance of the works being undertaken 

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