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L134 Asbestos ACoP

L143 Managing and Working with Asbestos 

This publication contains the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) and guidance text. Two ACOPs, L127 (The management of asbestos in non-domestic premises) and L143 (Work with materials containing asbestos) have been consolidated into this single revised ACOP. The presentation and language has been updated wherever possible. It provides guidance text for employers about work which disturbs, or is likely to disturb, asbestos, asbestos sampling and laboratory analysis. It also provides guidance on the specific duty to manage asbestos on the owners and/or those responsible for maintenance in non-domestic premises.

The Regulations set out your legal duties and the ACOP and guidance give practical advice on how to comply with those requirements. The Regulations give minimum standards for protecting employees from risks associated with exposure to asbestos.

The Regulations came into force on 6 April 2012, updating and replacing the previous 2006 law. They contain new requirements for certain types of non-licensable work with asbestos on notification of work; designating areas where you are working on asbestos; medical surveillance and record keeping.

HSG210 Asbestos Essentials

HSG 210 - Asbestos Essentials 

Designed to be durable, practical and small enough to fit in your toolbox, Asbestos essentials uses a series of task sheets, with over 100 full colour photos and illustrations, to describe 'good practice' for non-licensed tasks and covers the action needed to reduce exposure to an adequate level.

It is aimed at all workers who may come into contact with asbestos, including electricians, builders, plumbers, carpenters etc. It will be useful to employees, the self-employed and managers.

Although the general content/guidance remains the same, this fourth edition has been updated in line with changes to the Asbestos Regulations and to better reflect asbestos guidance on HSE's website and the Asbestos Approved Code of Practice, L143.

HSG 264 - The Survey Guide 

HSG264 The Survey Guide Asbetos

This is a web-friendly version of HSG264 (Second edition, published 2012).


This version has been adapted for online use from HSE’s current printed version. You can buy the book at ISBN 978 0 7176 6502 0 Price £17.50


This heavily illustrated publication replaces and expands on MDHS100, Surveying, sampling and assessment of asbestos-containing materials. It is aimed at people carrying out asbestos surveys and people with specific responsibilities for managing asbestos in non-domestic premises under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. The book covers competence and quality assurance and surveys, including: survey planning, carrying out surveys, the survey report and the dutyholder’s use of the survey information. It includes extensive appendices and references.

HSG 227 - A comprehensive guide  

hsg227 Duty to Manage Asbestos

This guidance is aimed at people who have a duty to manage the risks from asbestos–containing materials in the premises, ie building owners, tenants and anyone else who has any legal responsibilities for workplaces. The guidance expands on that given in the free leaflet A short guide to managing asbestos in premises, INDG223(rev3) - it will be useful to those in more complex organisations.

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