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Are 1-11 Compliance Group Ltd members of UKATA (United Kingdom Asbestos Training Providers). 


The short answer is no, we aren't, but we are members of the IATP, (Independent Asbestos Training Providers). 


We could of course join UKATA, or do what others do and strike up a partnership with a UKATA member and then advertise UKATA courses, but then you'd be paying more as you'd be going through a middleman. This isn't what we are about, we'd rather deal with you directly and provide you with our, high-quality, low-cost solution to training through ourselves. Plus, when you get a certificate for your training, it has our name on it, not a company you've never heard of. 


So what's the difference? 


UKATA was formed some 15 years ago following a request from the HSE (ATPWG (Asbestos Training Providers’ Working Group)) for the industry to hold a list of approved and accepted asbestos training providers as they [HSE] thought that the industry should look after itself. 


As with many trade bodies, the IATP was an offshoot of UKATA, it was created by a number of former UKATA directors and other industry personnel as an alternative organisation for asbestos training companies and individuals to join, after all, competition is good!!.  

The MD of 1-11 Compliance Group Ltd, Paul Beaumont, was actually the marketing director (non-exec) of UKATA for several years as well as being one of the approved UKATA auditors and a member of several of the organisations listed below. 

Is one better, or more recognised than the other?

The short answer again... no! Both the IATP and UKATA are recognised by the HSE, trade and industry related bodies, they're just... different... but kind of the same!

To give an analogy of the two bodies, it would be akin to the motoring organisations, the RAC and AA, which is better, they both provide a top notch service with national coverage and they both do the right thing when needed. The choice for membership is one of a preference. 


Both the IATP and UKATA are equally recognised by the HSE, industry leadership groups along with other trade bodies and associations. Yes, there are some who may stipulate that a trades person "MUST BE UKATA trained", but if asked why they demand this, they tend to have no idea, maybe its something to do with the former UKATA marketing director (non-exec) (see above) being too good at his job!!)

The IATP and UKATA do not actually see each other as competitors, their is no rivalry. They both do what they do and they do it exceedingly well. In fact, there are several IATP members who have also joined UKATA and visa versa. The CEO of the IATP gets on very well with the UKATA managers and employees as well as the directors, he also knows many of the UKATA members personally having worked and collaborated with a good number of them for a great number of years on many projects, some even attending his wedding.    

So why the IATP? 

1-11 Compliance Group Ltd chose to join the IATP over UKATA for a number of reasons, the first, because we want to show and prove to current and future customers that we are committed to providing only the best, highest quality asbestos training, not that being a member of UKATA wouldn't demonstrate this, but there is one other reason, and its a big one. If you'd not already guessed it, the MD of 1-11 Compliance Group Ltd, Paul Beaumont, is the CEO of the IATP.  Imaging, the CEO of the RAC calling the AA if they had a car issue, it just wouldn't look right would it. 

We chose one, not the other, we could, if desired join all of the asbestos industry acronyms, UKATA, ACAD, ARCA, BOHS, FAAM, NORAC, RoSPA, RSPH, ASG AMI, ATAC, to name but a few , but then we'd need a new webpage just to show all the logos and what would it prove?


The IATP, due to its low overheads and out goings, keep the cost of membership low. It is run by its members who volunteer their time and it has has no physical office. This is by design, it was formed like this to keep its spending and need to generate cash down, as such, it doesn't need to charge much to it's members, meaning the members can keep their training costs competitive. Although it must be stated, a lower cost doesn't mean a lesser service, in fact, its quite the opposite, those who volunteer do it because they're driven by a passion to make the industry better.    

Should any of our clients, in fact should anyone at all experience issues when presenting one of our, or other IATP members training certificate, let us know or contact the IATP directly to resolve the matter.

We are here to help you, contact us now to see what we can do for you. 

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